Dec 14th Release

  • Flames $55

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 78mm x W 35mm ( Inc disc top ) 

They are bold, sassy and stylish.

  • Koala and His Gumleaf $55

Australia’s most adorable marsupial 

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 56 mm x 29mm ( inc koala and disc top  ) 

  • Pink Leopard Reversible Hoop $30
    Stud $18 
    Stud and Hoop Duo $45

Our hoops can be worn two ways depending on how you feel.

ESTIMATED SIZE : Hoop H 49.1mm x W 41.3mm

                              Stud : 25mm 

  • Summertime Greyhounds $45

Our happy, fun and playful Greyhounds, with their mirrored shades and resined jacket. 

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 48.2 x W  20.4 ( incl disc top ) 


  • Gorgeous Galahs $50

ESTIMATED SIZE :  H 53.6mm x W 21mm 

Made up of 18 pieces including their tiny detail of a Swarovski Crystal  

  • Butterfly and Her Flower $50

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 56 mm x 30mm ( incl the crystal ) 

Made up of 16 pieces included their very own Swarovski crystals. 

  • Yellow Tail Cockatoo $55

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 53.6mm x W 21mm 

Made up of 30 pieces including their very own Swarovski crystal cheek. 

  • Yellow Tail Cockatoo in Gold mirror $30

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 43mm x  W 10.6 ( from top of bird to crystal )                 
                             -  Hoop 25mm

They are dainty whilst still making a statement. They also come with their own Swarovski crystal. 

  • Sunflower and Her Ladybird $40

Another happy, fun and summer ready earring. She is all set to sparkle 

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 44.5 x W 44.5 

  • New Yorkers $40

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 57mm x 36.7mm

They are cool, calm and collected. 

  • Poetry Bird $55

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 62mm x W 48.5

These beauties come with a beautiful poem 

  • Little Bird Flies $40

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 68mm x 31.5mm ( incl disc at top ) 

  • Beautiful Butterfly $50

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 44.5 x W 31.3

This beauty is made up of 14 pieces and she will definitely glimmer up the lobes. 

  • Cool Cat’s $35

ESTIMATED SIZE : Cat H 20mm x W 21mm

                            -   Hoop is 20mm 

They are definitely too cool for school these kitties.