Why is pink and red such a beautiful combination and how to wear it

1. The history of pink and red:

Some of the most iconic fashion moments in history have featured these two colours together. From the red carpet to the runways, pink and red have always made a statement.

These to colours have experienced a recent surge in popularity. In the past few years, fashionistas have been pairing pink and red together more and more.

Pink and red used to be seen in a negative light, as they were considered to be too loud and garish. However, fashionistas have found ways to style these colors in a way that is chic and elegant.

2. The different shades of pink and red:

There are a variety of shades of pink and red, which can make it difficult to decide which one to wear. If you're looking for a more muted look, try a lighter shade of pink or red.

For a bolder look, go for a brighter shade. You can also mix and match different shades of pink and red to create your own unique style.

3. Why they are complementary colors:

Pink and red are known as analogous colour, which means that they are located next to each other on the colour wheel. These makes it a very complementary combination. They create a contrast that is visually striking and fashion-forward.


4. What do you wear with a pair of pink and red earrings? 

Your options are really endless when it comes to what to wear with a pair of pink and red earrings. However, we would suggest avoiding colors that are too similar to either pink or red. For example, avoid wearing a pink top with a red bottom. Instead, try pairing your earrings with a white top and black pants. This will help create a contrast that will make your earrings pop. However there really is no rules. For example pictured below we have the fabulous Mel @curvycartel who has paired a pair of pink and red flower statements so beautifully with a busy and bold patterned dress which has colours of red, pink,orange. Mels look really highlights that it is worth playing around with looks as you may end up with a combination that is so breathtaking. The best barometer is if it feels great wear it. 

5. How to accessorize a pink and red outfit:

There are a few different ways that you can accessorize a pink and red outfit. One way is to add a pop of another color. For example, you could wear a pink dress with red heels and a GREEN clutch. Another way to accessorize is to keep it simple with black and white. For example, you could wear a pink top with a red skirt and black heels. Whatever you decide, make sure that your accessories complement your outfit.

We are loving the simple pink and red outfit styled by Daisy @styled.daisy. Her page has great fashion colour combinations. 


Let's distill this down in to one take away:

If you're looking to make a statement, then consider pairing pink and red together. This fashion combination is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

I hope you enjoyed.

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Love Kat 

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