My name is Kat. I am Brisbane based and the designer and maker behind Bobbi Frances. 


After some significant health issues I decided to start drawing as part of the healing process. Little did I realise there was an ability, I now believe we all have, lying dormant. Although I am no Michael Angelo I felt these simple illustrations would look fun on greeting cards. One thing led to another and a little business was formed. The biggest epiphany I had along the way was that a drawing doesn’t have to be complicated to make people smile.

Now the creative juices were flowing the idea that these drawings would be a bit fun on earrings happened. All adding to the quirky little collections you see today and Bobbi Frances was born. 

Where did the name come from? 

My very supportive husbands Dad’s name is Bob and his Mum’s name is Frances. Hence Bobbi Frances. It also gave me a retro feel. I could imagine this name on a shop in the 1950’s. 

To sum it all up Bobbi Frances is a quirky little shop. Think happy, think playful is our moto. So if your looking for a pair of earrings full of joy, colour and fun,  Bobbi Frances has got you covered. 

We love our customers and seeing them appreciate the brand that is Bobbi Frances.