Hi, it is Kat here. I am Brisbane based and the designer and maker behind Bobbi Frances. 

Some significant and life changing health issues moved me to think outside the box. A job that was creative and could be my own.  First I had to say a big FAT NO to imposter syndrome in order to let go of all the fears of starting MY OWN creative business.  Little did I realise there was an ability, I now believe we all have, lying dormant. WHAT IS THAT? We all have the ability to draw. Although I am no Michael Angelo I realised simple illustrations can delight the soul. One thing led to another and a little business was formed. 

Now the creative juices were flowing the idea that these drawings would be a bit fun on earrings happened. All adding to the FUN & FANCY little collections you see today and Bobbi Frances was born. 

Since the Bobbi Frances has expanded to a team of 2. Including the kind and effervescent Storm. A brilliant business advisor who worked for a major fashion company for years.

It also involves family. My Father does all our laser cutting, sorting and peeling. It is a dream come true. 


THE NAME: If you are anything like me there is some days you feel like being FUN and other days you feel like being FANCY. The BOBBI girl represents FUN and the FRANCES girl represents FANCY. Think happy, think gorgeous is our motto. 

We love our customers and seeing them appreciate the brand that is Bobbi Frances.