Petal Royale
Petal Royale
Petal Royale

Petal Royale

Bobbi Frances
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‘Petal Royal’ an exquisite earring that captures the elegance of a blossoming flower in delicate pink resin. Be ready to feel a subtle yet profound sense of elegance and grace. The lightweight design ensures effortless wearability throughout the day. Adorn yourself with 'Petal Royale' and let its timeless allure elevate any ensemble to royalty."

ESTIMATED SIZE : H- 35mm x 45mm

♥️ All earrings are hand designed and assembled. 

♥️ Made with good quality acrylic and hand poured resin 

♥️ The main components are sourced from Australia.

♥️ All earrings have hypoallergenic surgical steel posts.

♥️ They are so light you forget you are wearing earrings.

♥️ Most importantly have fun  


- Handle with care, avoid dropping 

- Do not store or leave in the sun

- They will handle some water however we recommended that you avoid water where possible for longevity

- Avoid swallowing

- resin poured earrings will have variation in colour due to the resin process

- resin and acrylic sometime will show up very slight  imperfections, embrace this it is part of the hand made beauty 

 Thank you for your order! Anticipate the arrival of your earrings within 5-10 days. We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy your purchase.