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Flame 🔥

Bobbi Frances
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These beauties are HOT,HOT,HOT. They are bold, they are sassy, they are stylish. They put a new meaning to the expression, “your ears are burning”. A super gorgeous earring to add to your already amazing earring collection or even to start one. 😉 

ESTIMATED SIZE : H 78mm x 35mm ( incl disc at top) 

♥️ All earrings are hand designed and assembled. 

♥️ Made with good quality acrylic. 

♥️ The main components are sourced from Australia.

♥️ All earrings have hypoallergenic surgical steel posts.

♥️ They are so light you forget you are wearing earrings.

♥️ Most importantly have fun  


- Handle with care, avoid dropping 

- They will handle some water however we recommended that you avoid water where possible for longevity

- Avoid swallowing